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5 DAY INTERIOR REDESIGN AND REAL ESTATE STAGING CERTIFICATIONa hands-on opportunity to learn the art of one day decorating – the artful placement of furniture and accessories to create balance and harmony within a given space - and redesigned to sell (staged to sell).

The 5-Day Certification Program is an intense training course filled with information and hands-on learning, geared for the entrepreneur interested in a start-up business as a professional in the field of interior redesign/staged to sell.   It is for the creative at heart, and those with a flair for interior decor or already involved in the field.

We will work in three different client homes providing a varied selection of challenges. This opportunity to learn hands-on is equal to none and cannot be experienced in a handbook.  Acquiring the skills of proper “placement” is vital to the profession, will broaden your design reach and enhance your confidence.  You will experience first-hand the professional aspects of working with a client.

This course covers:

  • Interior Redesign Basics
  • Redesign for real estate fundamentals ("staging")
  • Business start up specifics on building your own thriving practice
  • Training materials, including a comprehensive manual
  • In-Depth Business content
  • Hands-on, redesign fieldwork in at least 3 houses
  • Incorporating between 3 and 20 rooms total for the week
  • All tools necessary to perform each project
  • Food, Beverages and snacks (including emergency chocolate as needed)
  • A CD of all forms and project photos
  • A binder with separate handouts
  • Certificate of Completion recognized and honored by many affiliations

This Fee Includes:

A 250+ page comprehensive manual on becoming a Professional Interior Redesigner

  • In depth training in Interior Redesign and the fundamentals of Redesign for Real Estate
  • Comprehensive material on business start-ups
  • CD packed with business forms and pictures taken at each project
  • Three hands-on projects conducted in real client homes
  • Transportation to and from each project
  • Unlimited support and mentorship
  • Morning munchies, lunch and a variety of beverages and snacks throughout the day!
  • Hard work and good fun
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Eligibility to join IRIS, an organization dedicated to the promotion, education and communication of interior redesign and real estate staging.
  • Gift Bag and more................................

This is a rigorous week of information and hands-on learning opportunities equal to none.  You will leave with a thorough understanding of the field and the confidence to be a successful redesigner.

The tuition starts at $2,500.00*.  To secure your place in class please please register here and submit a $500.00 deposit.    *Price may vary pending on location.

We are willing to travel to you.  Please contact us at 954-600-5860
or by email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please review the agenda.


  •  The individual who has business acumen behind them

  •  Those that do no intent to go into business

  •  Those limited on time and/or financial choices and includes two hands-on projects. 

This class has an in depth coverage of interior redesign.  It does NOT cover staging or have a business module.

Tuition is $1,500.00*.  To secure your place in class please please register here and submit a $500.00 deposit. 

*Price may vary pending on location.

For your hotel needs please see our Accommodation list.  
Fill out your registration and return it to us to reserve your spot in class.

Train with an IRIS approved instructor and join IRIS---the largest, professional interior redesign and real estate staging organization in the world!!

ONE DAY DECOR serves South Florida; Tampa, FL; Knoxville, TN; Reno, NV; the San Francisco Bay Area and we can come to Your Home Town. Classes are limited to only four students and can be held in your local area by special arrangements.  Gather up a few and I will come to you! 


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