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Decorating with Color - Changing Proportions

Is your kitchen too small? Do you wish your family room felt more intimate?  Decorating with color has the power to manipulate our sense of space.  Using light hues from one color family when decorating will create an optical illusion of sorts by visually expanding a room.  If a ceiling feels too low, bright white can "raise" your perception of its height.  By taking a cue from clothing designers, adventuresome homeowners can paint their walls with vertical stripes also to enhance the sense of height.  This technique can be applied with great success in a play space for children.

When the objective is to make a large room feel cozy and intimate, paint color can again do the trick. Choosing darker shades for the walls will reign in a large space and a darker shade on a tall ceiling will "lower" it.  If color alone isn't enough use color to create visual breaks.  Divide your wall space horizontally with a chair rail and paint the upper and lower portions different colors.  Picture moldings are another visual device.  Paint the interior portion a different shade from the rest of the wall.




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