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House Decor – Setting the Tone in the Dining Room

The way in which your dining room functions will help to determine the style of your house as well as décor. The use of color in your dining room can help to define this tone throughout your house.

Highly used, active dining rooms require high quality paint that contains a higher sheen that can be easily cleaned. If the informal dining room is attached or open to the kitchen, you may wish to consider implementing a monochromatic color scheme or incorporating the grouping of colors that appear within the kitchen. The use of a complementary color scheme would also be appropriate in this situation, to provide for a balanced combination of color within the adjoining spaces.

Formal dining rooms provide an ideal space to utilize faux and other highly decorative paint finishes. Deep, rich colors are often used to create dramatic formal dining spaces. For added drama, consider a decorative paint treatment that portrays the appearance of an elegant fabrication (such as leather or suede) to grace the walls of your formal dining space.

Color can be used to stimulate the dining room space through a multitude of creative projects. Create a visual division of space within a two story dining room by adding molding at ceiling height, then painting two distinct colors (above and below the molding). Update the timeless look of wainscoting within the dining room with a coat of stylish paint. New latex high gloss paints or traditional gloss alkyd paints are excellent choices for moldings and wainscoting. The latex high gloss paints will have lower odor and dry much faster. Decorative paint finishes can be used on wall coverings, accent walls or ceiling space to provide stimulating color and interesting texture to the dining area. Create a focal point for built-ins that showcase treasured collectibles by painting the interior using a contrasting color that highlights the featured collectibles.



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