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House Staging – Converting that “Extra” Room to a Home Office Hideaway

When staging a house, the addition of a home office is easier than one might think. Steadily increasing in popularity, staging the home office is a practical necessity for sellers in certain markets. Regardless of whether the space is used for meeting with clients or simply writing household bills and e-mail, the home office can be designed in a sensible yet stylish manner.


Particularly active are home offices that "share" their living quarters with other functions, such as a guest room, master bedroom, kitchen or study. It is essential that wall coverings within these multifunctional areas be easily cleaned, particularly on the walls that adjoin computer equipment, desks and other work surfaces. Eggshell or washable flat finishes offer beauty, stain resistance and wash ability. High quality latex gloss paints boast a practical balance of glossy appearance and ease of water cleanup.


Individual or family workspaces provide the luxury of creating an area where it is possible to express your distinct décor and style preferences. Homeowners with offices that function strictly for business use may consider opting for neutral tones that convey a more serious tone. Home offices that share family business as well as function as a guest bedroom may consider choosing cool colors that present a serene tone- practical for family matters as well as restful for visiting overnight guests. Various areas of multifunctional home office spaces can be designated by the creative use of blocks of color to identify the workspace as a separate unit. Using splashes of bright colors such as oranges or yellows inject a stimulating environment for all family members who utilize the space.



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