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Home Redecorating Tip – Analyze Your Room

In home redecorating the first step in analyzing your space is to think about the function of the room.  Is this a formal room or casual.  Will you be entertaining here or will the family be snuggling up in front of the television.  When you determine what the function of the room will be write it down this will help you remember to keep the function of the room foremost  in your mind as your home redecorating gets underway. 

Next you need to take a good look at your room.  Take measurements of the outside walls noting things like windows, doors, fireplaces etc.    Sketch those measurements out on a piece of graph paper.  Most people do a floor plan on a 1/4 to 1 scale which means that every square on the graph paper (1/4") is equal to 1 foot of the actual room.   You can also purchase a magnetic furniture planning kit.  It will save you time later on when you pick furniture. 

Now that you have the floor plan laid out its time to pick a focal point.  Every well dressed room will have a focal point.   Is there an architectural element in the room that would make a good focal point?  Fireplaces make excellent focal points or maybe your room has a great view.   

This is also the time, if your budget allows, to decide on architectural changes to the room.  Perhaps the room could use some crown molding.  Moldings make a big impact in a room and if kept simple do not have to break the bank. Any architectural changes should be decided on before you make other decisions for your project.



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