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Color Forecasting


It is interesting to postulate on how and why colors are forecasted.  You would think it a tremendous job coming up with color for future years.  Colors are selected at least 2 years ahead of their forecast.  However, it is not about the trend to be, but about the feelings or emotion that color emits. Pending our journey that life has exuded on us as a nation and a world,colors are selected to reflect, embrace, or heal us by CMG.   The Color Marketing Group is an international not-for-profit Association of 1,100Color Designers who forecast Color Directions® one to three years in advance for all industries, manufactured products and services.  So what is in store for 2009 and why?  According to their executive director, Jaime Stephsen, "We're finding comfort in colors that are familiar, and yet, at the same time, we're embracing colors that make us happy -- especially as accents.  Everyone’s concerned about the economy, yet the spirit of the country coming together after the election is powerfully reflected in these choices.  Also, the demand for colors and products that reflect an environmentally 'greener' world goes way beyond a trend. It's now 'a given."

The color direction or forecast for 2009 encompasses an earthened palette that will give us color and strength as we journey through troubled times; a greening of design, within our lives and consideration of the earth.  These color choices are driven by concern for the economy and optimism for the future.

According to CMG, lookfor these color trends in 2009:

Purple, Purple,Purple! - Emerging as a hot fashion color last fall, purple is not just afad -- it's an entrenched trend, strongly influenced by the election. (After all, red plus blue equals purple.)  Look for a greyed-out violet that works equally well as an accent or a neutral, as well as redder, plummier purples and bluer-influenced fuchsias in a huge range of products.  Purples 2009’s “must have” color.

Blue is the New Green - Various greens have symbolized "green living” over the last few years, but in 2009 the"green" environmental message is delivered by the color blue. There are watery blues, sky blues and a whole range of blues that now represent our commitment to living on a greener planet. 

Cooled-down,Greyed-out Browns and Greys - Complex neutrals satisfy our urge toward classic colors in an economically challenged time. They also bridge the area between black, which seems harsh, and brown, which doesn't seem strong enough. 

Yellow for Energy – The neutrals may have greyed, but look for lots and lots of bright vivid yellow to give us energy as we re-build the economy.  It's the stand-out accent color for 2009.

Bright Accents fromIndia, China, and Turkey – The exotic has become the familiar.Oranges, turquoises and teals, reds, and yellows will abound in hues from far-away countries that now seem very near. They are the optimistic touches we crave.

White is now aBusiness Color – Technology has produced amazing new (and very practical)finishes, which helps explain why white is showing up everywhere, even incorporate board rooms. The contrasts are all in the finishes: matte versus gloss; shine and shimmer on reflective surfaces; textured whites versus smooth-- all washable and cleanable. White also represents purity of thought, motive and result – exactly what we want from businesses now.
The Return of the "M" Word - It's mauve. Remember mauve?  An old color that looks new again, in dusty violet shades, mauve works as an accent but also serves now as a neutral, punched up by those bright Asian accents (orange, turquoise, teal,red, and yellow.) 

In 2010 look for reds that will go more coral; purples will continue their hold on the market and greens will go both warm and cool for the next several years.  Notice how blacks take a prominent hold and there is a resurgence of yellow.  Blue is squeeking in, our greys have a hint of green in them and orange is no longer quite as earthen.


Color Forecast for 2010




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