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Bargain Hunting


As redesigners and stagers we often consider ourselves bargain hunters.  We have scouted the local shops and know where the best deals are for the richest looks. We have an eye and can spot a treasure before we round the corner.  There may be, however, a few stops that have been undiscovered in our scouting:

Check These Out!

    Moving and Storage Companies:  Local newspapers announce annual sales of unclaimed goods and can be a wonderful source.

      The airport:  Twice a year the Miami International Airport sells off all unclaimed items.  The finds can be extraordinary.  Check your local airports to see if they hold annual, semi-annual sales or auction of goods.

        City Auctions:  Many big cities hold sales of goods seized for nonpayment of custom duties or city taxes.  Literally troves of fine furnishings can be found.

          Hotels:  Approximately every 5 years major hotels renovate their rooms.  Furnishings, linens, draperies and accessories can be purchased for cents on the dollar.

            Wrecking and Salvage Companies.  Newspapers announce sales of great stuff when buildings are torn down.  Check the Resource Guide under Salvage Companies.  Some are open all the time and have a huge ever-changing inventory of architectural details and furniture, nut just announced sales.

              Habitat Restores:  Habitat ReStores are retail outlets where quality, used and surplus building materials are sold at a fraction of normal prices. Proceeds from ReStores help local affiliates fund the construction of Habitat houses within the community.  You can get everything from paint to storm shutters.

                Consignment Stores can be laden with great finds.  Check yours out in the upper-end of town. 

                  Reproduction Stores. 

                    Junk and Secondhand Shops.  Don’t let scruffy trick you.  Many dealers purposely cultivate scruffiness to make you think they don’t know what they have.  They do.

                      Street finds.  Check curbside and dumpsters in prosperous neighborhoods on “clean-up” or “bulk pickup” days for discarded treasures.

                      Craig’s List for internet finds!

                      Happy Shopping!


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