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Natural Light and It's Effect on Paint Color


Natural light effects color and can change it dramatically depending on how it fills a room.  Very bright colors work well in the tropics where bright sunlight can wash out even the most saturated hues.  Art deco colors however, such as vivid turquoises, tangerines and flamingo pinks that are traditionally seen on Miami Beach can look garish in the north where sunlight is diluted by the atmosphere and colors pop with greater intensity. 

There are several factors that affect the quality of natural light, latitude being just one of them.  Pending on the positioning of the wall in relation to the sun (north, south, east, or west) your color will take on a warmer or cooler cast.  For example, your northern wall will be filled with a bluer, cooler light than rooms with a southern exposure.

Color is also affected by the light other surfaces reflect changing the cast the paint projects much the same way hazel eyes can change pending the colors that are worn.  The same happens with paint.    Take into consideration the color in your surroundings and how it may change the hue of your paint. Consider as well what light filters through outside the window. For instance sunshine streaming through green trees will cast a green light into a room.

Metamerism is the quality of sunlight as it changes throughout the course of the day.  Morning light is warm as it relates to the sunrise.  At noon our sunlight is cool, becoming warm again in late afternoon with the setting of the sun.  Lastly it is cool in the evening.   There for you will have a warming of the walls in the morning and late afternoon with more warm yellow tones and the cooler grey-blue cast at noon and at night.

Choose color only in the home and in the room it is to be used.  To confirm your color choice paint large swatches on several walls facing different exposures, testing the color during the course of several days.


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